Biltbest Casement Window Parts - Hinge Arms ( RF-02 )

SKU: TEG-bbrp-00009

BiltBest Window Parts Casement Hinge Arms - Per Pair

Replacement Parts for Casement Windows ( Per Pair ) and also used for other Biltbest models.Top/Bottom Hinge Arms  (Pair); Non-Handed; Model #RF-02 - Truth® Hardware. 

NOTE: The #RF-01 and #RF-02 are identical except the RF01 has a retainer clip on the end of the arm that attaches to the hinge track. These hinges are used on the newer models which slide in a track that is about 10" long.  Some of the 10" tracks have a spring steel wire ring on the hinge track post and require the RF-02 hinge. NOTE: If you are unsure if you need the RF-01 or RF-02, it would be best to get the RF-01 since the retainer clip can be removed - making it the same as RF-02 Model.





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