TRUTH® Truth EntryGard® Window & Door Hardware – Other Brands We can provide free parts ID Help for all TRUTH® and Truth EntryGard™ Hardware Parts like Products like Hinged Window Hardware Operators, Hinges, Locks, Skylights, Push-Out Hardware Products, Hinged Window Hardware, Sliding Window Hardware, Harmony™ System and Fusion™ System, Locks, Lifts, Latches, Rollers and Window Parts and more for the following brands: RESTORATION / REHAB / REFURB PARTS AVAILABLE FOR – ACADIA, OLDACH, BILTBEST, PELLA, CRESTLINE, OUTLOOK, ACORN, ACRO, AIRMASTER, ALENCO, ALSCO ANACONDA, ALWINSEAL, AMACOR, AMERICAN CRAFTSMAN, ANDERSEN, ANDERSON , ARCADIA, BAYFORM, BELLHOUSE, BENCHMARK, BETTER-BILT, CERTAINTEED, COLUMBIA, CRAFTLINE, CRESTLINE, CROSSLY, DAYTON, DEVAC, ECKER, EFCO, E-Z-Roll, KELLER, KING, KRESTMARK, LOUISIANA PACIFIC, MARVIN, METAL INDUSTRIES, MILCO, MILGARD , NATIONAL, NORANDEX, PEACHTREE, PELLA, PENNCO, PHILIPS, RELIANT, REMINGTON, SLIMFOLD, STANLEY, THERMALGARD, TRACO-THREE RIVERS, WEATHERCRAFT, WENCO and many others brands. WE CAN HELP WITH THESES AS WELL – All you need do is choose the best option for you. OPTION 1 – (1) you can SEND A DIGITAL IMAGE – but be sure you (a) show us your part(s) installed and removed. (b) Include stampings, markings, number stamps, or names. (c) Be sure to include all measurements. OPTION 2 – take a good, clear video clip OPTION 3 – MAIL US A SAMPLE – If you would like to send us a sample, please include all your information ( fill out site form ) – Name, Address, Phone etc. How Much or How Many You Need? *PLEASE NOTE: WE CANNOT RETURN PARTS OR SAMPLES.